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Teledyne Lighting & Display Products Patent Portfolio

5,677,972 High Efficiency Direct Coupling of Radiant Electromagnetic Energy into Dielectric Waveguide Structure
5,721,795 High Efficiency Ejection of Light from Optical Waveguide by Holographically Produced Light Scattering Means
5,757,557 Beam-Forming Lens with Internal Cavity that Prevents Front Losses
5,926,320 Ring-Lens System for Efficient Beam Formation
5,924,788 Illumination Lens designed by Extrinsic Differential Geometry
6,007,209 Light Source for Backlighting
6,166,860 Screen Illumination Apparatus and Method
6,177,761 Light Extractor Apparatus
6,181,476 Light Collimating and Distribution Apparatus
6,273,596 Illuminating Lens Designed by Extrinsic Differential Geometry
6,560,038 Light Extraction from LEDs with Light Pipes
6,603,243 LED Light Source with Field of View Controlling Optics
6,637,924 Strip Lighting Apparatus Method
6,784,603 Fluorescent Lighting Apparatus
7,163,318 Compact Light Source Assembly
7,344,280 Illuminator Assembly
7,808,581 Low Profile Back Light Apparatus
8,083,384B2 Efficient Illumination Device for Aircraft

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